Exide AGM 12-19 Onderhoudsvrije Motoraccu


This Exide AGM 12-19 is an AGM battery with 18 amps. AGM batteries have a higher cold start than comparable conventional batteries. This battery has a cold start of 270 EN. Exide AGM batteries are unique in its kind and have a longer lifespan. No other battery manufacturer supplies such an extensive range of AGM batteries as Exide. The Exide AGM battery line is completely maintenance-free. So you do not need to top up with acid. A completely sealed closed cabinet. Each battery from the G line can do its job both upright and tilted to full satisfaction. Exide guarantees the closed character of this battery. Because an AGM battery can produce more power, Exide has been able to save space, which makes the battery smaller than a comparable type of the conventional line. The G series from Exide is part of the factory sealed product line and is mainly suitable for motorcycles. This does not alter the fact that you can also use this battery for other purposes. The biggest advantage of

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